Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Funneh.

Over the last couple of weeks I'm remembering what it's like to live in a house in the woods (kind of in the woods at least) versus a highrise in the city (note: 4 stories does not a highrise make; I understand this, but it's the highest dwelling in which I've ever dwelled).

Unlike living in the city, in a house we've got.... BUGS!
Not necessarily cute cuddly fuzzy friends but nothing scary, either. The majority of them are shield bugs. The DC area's been in the news for its 2010 infestation of Stink Bugs.**

With all the recent hubbub surrounding the stink bugs, and after a few recent conversations with my husband (who is sooooooo not used to bugs in the house), I thought I'd draw up a little chart.

If you've never visited, NOW is the time!!!! It's Friday afternoon and I KNOW you're slacking off at work anyway.

I realized recently that the only bug I would really react to with an instant stomp is a medium sized spider. The small spiders I usually notice when I'm cleaning and I end up sweeping them up with the rest of the dust/hair/dirt and throw into the garbage.The BIG HUGE spiders (which we haven't seen yet, but I KNOW they're coming...) are just too big to kill. They make a big ol' mess and some of them JUMP. Imagine getting close enough to kill it, then it charges at you like an angry bull. NUH-UUUUUHHHH. Not dealing with that, no way. I take a piece of cardboard and a big jar or something and catch it, then open the front door and send the whole works flying out into the yard. A day or two later when I'm feeling cocky I'll go bring my stuff back in, sans spider.

But a medium sized spider? It's too big (and fast) to just sweep up and throw into the garbage. Yet, is it big enough to scare the hell out of me? Yup! Is it too big to kill? Nope. Hence why my foot, if clad in shoe, goes flying at it before I even have time to think.

** Are all shield bugs are stink bugs? Seems that way, here is an interesting article on them:

From my experience with the ones in my house- the same ones everyone's complaining about- they don't stink. Then again I haven't squished any of them. I grab them and put them outside (they don't sting or bite), or if I can't reach them I just let them go about their business. They just seem to fly around and die after a few days.


Karen Martin Sampson said...

Actually spiders are good at keeping all the other bugs in check. I never kill them, even the big ones. I just put them outside. I don't like to kill any of the bugs really but the carpenter ants do cause damage so sometimes they get the axe!(or the foot). Birds are great at keeping the bug population under control so we have four feeders around the property. What is scaring me is all this talk about a pandemic of BED BUGS worldwide! They are insidious and hard to get rid of apparently and are showing up everywhere these days. EEEEEWWWW!

Samantha G said...

Oh bed bugs freak me out, seriously. I have heard they are terrible lately too :(

I can't even think about those!!!

Doris Sturm said...

I never used to kill spiders and if I did have to remove them, I trapped them and relocated them for the same reason: Spiders are not insects and they do in fact, eat insects (or drink their blood - whatever!)....but now that I live in South Georgia where everything grows extra large (yep, including myself - darn!) and every species of crawlies just about looks unfamiliar to me AND I have a little doggy to protect, I take no chances and get out the Raid (I know, so not eco friendly) one can in each hand...wasp and hornet 8 foot shot and the other can is the roach and ant mist ... and between the two streams I pretty much drown the spider before he gets a chance to die of poisoning, then I flush him down the toilet - TWICE! And of course, I mop! That's how I do it because I'm basically a chicken!

Doris Sturm said...

p.s. I got the biggest kick out of your chart - next is the pie, right? You're so funny!