Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How-To Tuesday: How to link in a blog post

This How-To Tuesday tip is going to begin with a very basic linking-lesson and then add on to it with a more advanced tip!
(If you already know all about creating links I promise this post won't be completely useless :) Just scroll down past the basic stuff- right under my caterpillar images.)

At some point most bloggers will want to link to another website through their blog- whether it's to an article, an online shop, their other blog, etc.

You can copy and paste the address of the website you wish to point to directly into your blog post but it won't be clickable. The reader will have to copy and paste it up into their address bar to get to the website.

Not clickable :(

To make a link to another website (AKA hyperlink, do they even call it that any more or am I showing my age???), decide whether you want to show the address of the site and have the reader click on it directly OR type in whatever words you want and have the reader click on your specific phrase. Observe:

My Etsy Shop

First we'll do it by showing and using the actual address as the linky.

1. Copy and paste (or type) the address of the website you want to go to into your blog post.

2. Next, select all of the text of the internet address.

3. When you have your web address all selected, click Link up in the blog posting toolbar.

4. Sometimes Blogger is cool enough to figure out that you typed in a web address and probably want the link to point to that address, so it will link it automatically. If it doesn't, when the Link dialog pops up, paste or type the address into the space next to "Web Address".

5. Click OK.
You should have something that looks and works like this:

Now we'll do it by typing whatever YOU want and linking through that. (This is also how you can Rick-Roll someone.
Did you click that?
You totally did, didn't you?) 

1. Click Link up in the blog posting toolbar.

2. In the dialog that pops up, write what you want to title the link where it says "Text to display" (for example, "My Etsy Shop" or "Article About Honeybees" or "Totally Definitely NOT A Rick Astley Video").

3. Enter the link address in the space next to "Web Address"

4. Click OK.
You should have something that looks like this:
My Etsy Shop


You can also make an image a link to somewhere. So if you're selling products online, you can show your reader an image of the product and make the image clickable to take the reader directly to that product!

1. Add your image to your blog (see my How-To Tuesday about inserting images!)

2. Click on the image in your blog post; ignore the little box of options that pops up on the image.

3. Click Link in the blog posting toolbar.

4. In the dialog that pops up, enter the address you wish to go to into the space next to "Web address."

5. Your image should now work as a link! When you click it in your blog, the link should now show up in the image options pop-up.
See my link there?

Now for the SCAARRRRYYYY MOOOORE ADVANCED tip that you are going to LOVE!

If you notice most of the time in my blog, when I insert a link, it opens up in a new window or tab. It's super duper easy to make that happen- that way you don't lose your readers every time you point them in the direction of something else interesting! :)

1. First, add a link into your blog using any of the above methods.

2. In your blog post, click on Edit HTML (in the upper right corner of the blog posting window).

3.You can peek around in the HTML and see basic text of your blog post with a bunch of beautiful, glorious code around it. Look for something that looks like this:

a href="http://www.somewebaddresshere.com"

(Most browsers have a "find" function you can use. On a Mac you hit apple+F, on a Windows computer you hit Ctrl+F. This makes it pretty easy to find any phrase you like. Do a search for "a href")

4. The website your link points to will be in quotes. After the quote at the end of the web address, type a space and then:

(that's an underscore before the word 'blank'.)

5. So now the code you found earlier should now look like:

a href="http://www.somewebaddresshere.com" target="_blank" 

And that should work to open all your links in a new window or tab. Yay! You can go through your whole blog post and do that to all your links- it can be tedious but is well worth it.

Hope some of you got something out of this!
Let me know what Blogger features you'd like to see in a How-To Tuesday post, or any questions you may have!

If I don't get any suggestions, next I'll write about how to make a label (tag) cloud.


Foges said...

yes i did click on the link to the video but it didn't work.... can you write my blogs for me?

Samantha G said...

I think I would bore your readers to death :)
It was supposed to be a Rick Astley video... d'oh! You probably figured that out though.