Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Holidays Are Upon Us!

My husband and I haven't sent out Christmas cards in a few years (except to immediate family). I have no clue why we've been slacking on the cards...

I used to love creating our Christmas cards via Have you ever used them? They have like a million billion designs from which to choose and in every color scheme imaginable.

Here's a card I designed from the year we got married:

I really wasn't sure which picture(s) to use on our cards this year. We had a busy year but didn't really go on any trips or take pictures of anything exciting.... except at our triathlons and other events. I wondered if putting pictures from those on holiday cards would seem weird, but today I got a card in the mail from a friend and there she and her husband are in race attire! I immediately went upstairs and set out to design this year's card on Shutterfly's website.

I was quite excited to see that holiday cards are currently all 20% off AND they're offering free shipping if you spend $50 or more. I don't plan to spend $50 on cards.... but that DID get my creative wheels turning to try and figure out what other products I could create on Shutterfly for hard-to-shop-for relatives and take advantage of the free shipping offer. Shutterfly has a very extensive gift shop- everything from mugs to luggage tags (which I've created before and I love using!) to jewelry/keepsake boxes... if you have a photo, you can create a gift with it :)

When I started uploading photos to use on our card, I was a bit concerned since Christmas colors are typically red and green and the one good picture that I have of the two of us from this year is mostly black and purple.... Hello clashy. 
Never fear! Shutterfly has gone far beyond the limitations of just red and green. They've got designs in every color you can think of to go with any pictures you want to use :)

I especially liked this one-

And this one is very simple- you can upload a handful of pictures if you can't decide on just one to use-

You can also even choose which fonts you want and they have a wide variety of them- formal, cartoony, fancy, plain, standard, scripty, you name it. You can customize the size and color of the fonts as well.

They're even doing a promotion this year for 50 free holiday cards for bloggers- find out about it here: 

I'll be sure to upload a picture of the card we end up choosing- I went a little overboard with them (I TOLD you it is fun) and designed 6. I'll get my husband's opinion on which he likes and we'll place our order ASAP since it's already the 11th and I can't even BELIEVE THAT.

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Doris Sturm said...

I love Shutterfly, but I have so many Christmas cards (I buy a box or two every year) that I really should send those out first...but yet, I've not sent very many...seems like once Dec. 1st hits, everything is just a flash! And after Christmas you go: "What just happened?" as if we didn't' have a whole 364 days to prepare LOL

No matter what picture you chose of you two, it will look great, Samantha, because young people just look good - no matter what color you are dressed in ;-)

With love,
Doris and the Gizzmeister!