Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh mah gahhh, Squee-Worthy Bugs!

I'm a bit addicted to and, of course, I particularly enjoy the bug submissions. The funny, the cute, the bizarre...

Thought I'd share some of the most squee-worthy cuteness with you!

Cute Baby Animals - Slow down, we can't keep up!
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Here's my all-time favorite snail!

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Cute Baby Animals - Gypsy Moth Wants To Read Your Fortune.
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cute baby animals - O Hai!
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Humorous Pictures
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And one that I made from one of my photos:

I'm in ur flowurz...  Polinaytin ur world!


Foges said...

i'm assuming you put the captions on these? cute

Doris Sturm said...

These are cute - amazing that bugs can actually look like they have personality ;-)

Samantha G said...

Jason, sadly I only captioned the last one- but should have added an "Oh hai!" to the moth with the crazy antennae.

Doris I wish I had a great camera with a macro lens, I would be photographing bugs and their silly faces all the time!