Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Want! Want! Wednesday!


They are HIGH on the want list! But very few exist on the "have" list because I live in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, where it's not warm enough to have most tropical plants.... unless you have tons of space in your house in which to over-winter them.

...However there are many ways to fake a tropical environment with hardy plants! I got so excited about it a while back that I wrote a whole Squidoo lens on the subject and if you're curious about gardening with tropical-looking hardy plants you can see it here:

And now here are some of the beauties I would have if I lived in a place where I could plant them all outdoors into a beautiful landscape! :)

Photographed in Costa Rica by Lea Maimone

Photo by KENPEI

(shameless plug)
Painting by Moi
and is totally framed up and for sale
And my most favorite tree.....
Photo by Louise Wolff

I do have other trees that I love... such as lime trees (I have a little baby dwarf key lime tree that spends the winter indoors) and my husband got me a Fig tree for Christmas which will be arriving some time in March! Other than the Traveller Palm, those are probably my two favorite trees because I love to eat what comes off of them... nom nom nom.

BIRD OF PARADISE!! ("Strelitzia reginae")
Photo by Moi
and might be a painting one day
slightly different composition and background of course
(I have a few of these indoors, sure wish they could just grow wild all over my garden!)
Photo also taken by Me in Hawaii somewhere

Hope you enjoyed gazing at some happy colorful tropical plants, some of which maybe you've never heard of... so perhaps you even learned something! :)

We've got 3 months of cold weather ahead of us, so you can expect a lot more posts like this one regarding things of a tropical nature as my mind escapes to warmer and more colorful climates.


Doris Sturm said...

Those are lovely and I want them too. I miss seeing the Bird of Paradise. When I lived in California they were everywhere - they grew like weeds.

By the way, I have your ginger lily root - I didn't mean to pull it out, I was merely trying to yank away a dead (brown) stem and out came a piece of root with some smaller shoots and I thought immediately of you. I don't know much about how to grow them because I've never had one until I came here, but my neighbor gave me a piece and I broke it into three 3" pieces, gave one to a friend, stuck one in the ground and one in a pot and they're all doing well - except for now - it's winter. After I send it to you, maybe you may not want to stick it outside in the middle of winter so it won't freeze. Maybe putting it in a pot till the spring might be better. I'll try to do some Ginger Lily research for you. Mine took about 2 years till it bloomed and the one in the ground is doing better than the one in the pot. The one in the pot has not bloomed yet.

Samantha G said...

Doris, thank you so much! I'll send you an email so I can find out more about it!!