Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some of my past news...

September '07- Artsfest In Yo Face!

Artsfest was such a great event and I hope I will be able to do it again next year! The weather couldn't have been better- it was absolutely perfect. The rest of this month I'll spend finishing up a couple of paintings, and switching around my inventory in the restaurant, coffee shop, and galleries.

August '07- Getting Ready for Artsfest

That's right! Just one more month until Artsfest 2007 at Ann Marie Garden in Solomon's. I'm excited. . . and nervous. . . and have no idea what to expect, since unfortunately I've never been to Artsfest before.

In preparation for the show, I'm working on my display and hand cutting tons and tons and tons of mats for prints and framed pictures. Cutting my own mats sure is time consuming (and my knuckles are swollen and sore-- eh, that's beside the point), but the results are really sooo worth it, so I'm not complaining. Plus cutting your own saves tons of money and you can pick from a much wider selection of colors (meaning, non-boring navys and brick reds and other colors that have no business being next to my work because they look ridiculous).