Colorful Kitchen!

Bold colors are a great way to brighten your day AND your health!  Colorful dishes are the most healthful dishes! Unless you're looking at a bowl of M&Ms. So alongside my Colorful Art, I'm bringing the Colorful Kitchen to you. This page will feature some of my favorite and most colorful (meaning includes LOTS of fruits and/or veggies) recipes.

#1: Vietnamese/Thai inspired Chicken with Coconut Rice, Beansprouts & Lettuce

....More of my recipes to come! :)

The World's Healthiest Foods!

We Has A Flavor Blog!

A blog I started years ago... but haven't updated in sooo long, then Shutterfly changed their picture formatting and so the photos got really blurry and pixelated, and then I forgot my login/password information... eventually I'll take new photos and post these recipes on this page instead.

A blog I just found and can't wait to start trying some of her recipes!!

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