Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Fun!

Since I don't have much new to report in the art world or the green world (holidays and work are keeping me pretty busy these last couple of weeks), I figured I'd post something fun today.

A couple of months ago my grandmother was going through some things at her house. She found a box of a bunch of old drawings and artwork of mine, done back when I was a kid. It appears to be from the time when I was pretty obsessed with bees and potty humor, so let's guess 25 years old. Or, okay, 6 or 7.

A lot of times when I'd go stay with my grandparents in the summer, my grandparents would buy me a bunch of art supplies and other fun stuff to do- even if I was only staying there for one night! They had a pool and a huge yard and a million fun things to do, it seemed, but they always had art supplies around for me. Probably because it was something that wasn't dangerous and meant they didn't have to be around watching me like a hawk and could actually take a bit of a break, since I remember them commenting that I "couldn't sit still for so much as 5 seconds."

So here are a couple of the pictures she found.

Sadly I remember exactly what went through my mind as I was painting this one. Too bad the scanner has a hard time actually capturing fluorescent poster paint colors accurately. The bottom of the painting looks green here, but it's really a nasty pukey color. I think I was actually trying to paint something nice, but when it came time to mix a brown color for the dirt from which the tulip is growing, I got this awful puke color instead. And I got mad that my nice picture was ruined, so I labeled the ground "puke" since that's exactly what it looked like.

My discovery at this awesome puke color led me to create this next painting.

A big puking spider. Because I hated spiders, so they might as well be associated with puking and other disgusting things.

Ahhhhh, the beauty and wonder of crayola paintbrushes, a big pad of colorful construction paper, and fluorescent poster paints!