Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How-To Tuesday: Autoplay Music on your Blog


Did you really think I was serious?

If I was going to do a post on "how to make music autoplay when someone opens your blog" I might as well title it, "The most efficient way to get someone to navigate away from your blog as quickly as possible" or  "How to instantly exponentially increase your bounce rate"

But seriously, I've been without internet for about a week now, AGAIN, thanks Verizon.
In the meantime I've been coming up with a bunch of fun haikus about Verizon and their internet 'service' (if you can call it that?) but none are appropriate for this blog so I won't publish them here because they'd just look like

Verizon &$#*!! &$(#
*$*#& Verizon (### *$##**@!!! 
*$!*#& Verizon.

So while my internet is working for more than three consecutive minutes (probably sporadically because they're fixing an outage somewhere in the area) I'm actually working on tomorrow's blog post, because I came up with it last week but couldn't post it AND. HAD. A. SAD.

But now you don't have to has a sad because I wrote a ridiculous blog post for today AND am writing a super cool Want! Want! Wednesday post with some very exciting goodies in there!

And in the meantime here is a silly Mantis.

No, I haven't been drinking, but am sort of on a burnt (on purpose) cookie and key-lime buzz.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How-To Tuesday: Insert a YouTube video into a blog post

Blogger has a simple button for adding video into your blog, but (at least on my computer) it's upload only. That's only useful if you currently own a video camera that doesn't involve tapes.

Or maybe you DO own a digital video camera AND you're technologically cool enough to have your own YouTube channel and you'd rather link to (and promote) that rather than upload the video into your blog. (Makes sense, since Blogger does have a limit on how much stuff you can actually upload into your blog.)

Or maybe you found a super cute video, or a really interesting news clip or story, or a great music video that you want to share.

Who wouldn't want "Party All The Time" at least somewhere on their blog??

So here's how to do it.

1. If you're already on YouTube, find the video you want to share.

2. Underneath the video, click "Share" and then click "Blogger."

3. A new window will pop open (if you're not signed into your blog, it'll ask you to) and you can create a post with the video right in there.

That's it!

Note: I actually didn't even know YouTube made it this easy til I went to write this post. I was going to go on about clicking "embed" and then copying the code and then clicking "edit HTML" in your blog post and pasting the code in there. Which you can also do. But this is so much more user friendly!! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Want! Want! Wednesday


And you, too, can get one..... for as low as a few hundred thou, right here:

Actually I was wrong!! There are islands right in the US under $100,000:

Here's a rock, literally, you can buy in Honduras for just $1.7 mil:

Here's the cheapest island on the site: Located in Panama, it has nothing but some woods and a toilet on it (I think you can even see the toilet in the photo) for a cool $30k.

Sweet, here is one right in Maryland. So if I wanted to escape to my PRIVATE ISLAND without being visually raped by the new so-called-porno-scanners at the airports, I can just triathlon my way there from my home in VA:

Hm. It looks like it's in a damn marsh.

What a great gift idea for that really hard-to-shop-for person in your family.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How-To Tuesday #4: Blog Comments

A friend of mine asked me a while back why you can post comments on some blogs and they show up right away, others say they're waiting for moderation, and still others require you to type in some magic password for your comment to appear.

I had never given much thought to it. I wasn't concerned enough over spam or, worse... haters, that I want to be emailed every time someone leaves a comment so that I can approve it. I like to think my target audience is mature enough not to leave a comment saying simply "Sam sucks!!!" (And if you're going to, at least tell me WHY I suck! Be constructive with your feedback.)

In order to view and change the various options that Blogger offers in regards to comments, head to your dashboard (or posting area) in Blogger and click on Settings, then on your Settings page click Comments in the menu right below that.

Now you'll see a whole page of stuff! Soooo many options! :)

First option is to show or hide comments. Pretty intuitive what that's all about.

Second: Who can comment? Again the options are pretty intuitive.
I am not sure which Blogger defaults to, but I know that I had to go in and change it to allow for anonymous comments. A friend of mine had tried to comment and couldn't- so if you want your blog open to comments from anyone and everyone, click the first option, "Anyone: includes anonymous users."

I'll skip ahead to Comment Form Message. This is just the message that shows up above the box in which readers comment. Most people write a quick sentence saying hello to their readers or encouraging them to leave a comment, etc. This only shows up when the reader clicks "Leave a comment" or clicks to read existing comments.

Below that you see Comment Moderation. Here's the one most bloggers are primarily concerned with. Your options are: Always, Only on posts older than # (the default is 14) days, or Never. I've always left mine on Never, but apparently Blogger will notify you via your dashboard if you've got comments waiting for approval. They also give you the option to be emailed when you receive an anonymous comment.

After some consideration while writing this post, I'm actually going to change my comment moderation to Comments on posts older than 7 days. I always feel bad when I go back to a really old post and see comments on there that were left months ago, and I had no idea. This way hopefully I can respond to everyone if they have questions about something.

The option immediately following this is Show word verification for comments? Simply yes or no. I guess this prevents spam-bots from attacking or leaving upperdeckers on your blog. Mine was defaulted to Yes but I'll change it to No and see how it goes. I hate typing in those words!

Then you can choose whether or not to show profile images next to comments, and lastly you can enter your email address so when you get comments for approval- if you choose that option- you will get an email (and probably a notification on your dashboard too).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Want! Want! Wednesday!

I see a lot of "Wordless Wednesday" posts on other blogs and thought filling your heads with even more consumerism than you already have by default if you're living in America might be kind of entertaining. So I'm going to do an occasional "Want! Want! Wednesday" post. Just for fun.

Side note!
Ok, but really, YES... I still hate consumerism and everything wasteful. I also hate how even when you try NOT to give in to it, sometimes you still need to. And that's just the way it is. However, Want! Want! Wednesday is just about fun stuff that I (or you) might be dreaming about.... but probably not about to go out and actually buy. Because then it would just be "Have Wednesday" which doesn't have as nice a ring to it, and would end up turning my blog into something like an episode of MTV's Cribs. Is that still on? Or is it now that dumb show about the teenagers and all the stuff they 'have' when really it's just their rich parents who bought them all that useless crap? Well, anyway.

So here it is! Week 1!

Want Want WANT!!

Seriously, how CUTE is this light fixture for a beautiful tropical-style home!

They even have a sconce that goes with it!

We're replacing a few of the lighting fixtures in our house (I've got two black rooster ones if anyone wants 'em?) and while looking around for new ones online I came across these. My husband saw it up on the computer screen and knew right away that I liked it and he asked me about it- I can't believe he didn't talk smack to me about it- anyway, even I know that it would look totally out of place in our home. Plus even if I had insisted on getting it, I can't think of any place we would hang it. They're beautiful and unique, no doubt, but probably don't have a place here... which is why they'll both continue to be Want! Want! and admired from afar.................

What silly things do you continue to admire but would never actually go out and purchase... because the item is just not practical, is too expensive, or ya just don't need it?