Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How-To Tuesday: Autoplay Music on your Blog


Did you really think I was serious?

If I was going to do a post on "how to make music autoplay when someone opens your blog" I might as well title it, "The most efficient way to get someone to navigate away from your blog as quickly as possible" or  "How to instantly exponentially increase your bounce rate"

But seriously, I've been without internet for about a week now, AGAIN, thanks Verizon.
In the meantime I've been coming up with a bunch of fun haikus about Verizon and their internet 'service' (if you can call it that?) but none are appropriate for this blog so I won't publish them here because they'd just look like

Verizon &$#*!! &$(#
*$*#& Verizon (### *$##**@!!! 
*$!*#& Verizon.

So while my internet is working for more than three consecutive minutes (probably sporadically because they're fixing an outage somewhere in the area) I'm actually working on tomorrow's blog post, because I came up with it last week but couldn't post it AND. HAD. A. SAD.

But now you don't have to has a sad because I wrote a ridiculous blog post for today AND am writing a super cool Want! Want! Wednesday post with some very exciting goodies in there!

And in the meantime here is a silly Mantis.

No, I haven't been drinking, but am sort of on a burnt (on purpose) cookie and key-lime buzz.


Doris Sturm said...

I am so glad that someone has finally said what I have been thinking all along - to me there is nothing more annoying than sitting here in the quiet, peaceful evening, doing a little blog hopping before going to bed and suddenly, this blast of music makes me jump.

I hate blogs with music! I have taken to mute my speakers when I read blogs, because I'm tired of getting insulted by loud, unexpected music.

Foges said...

i was gonna comment and say "i close those blogs with music in an instant!"

want some biscuits and gravy?

Samantha G said...

It's so true, I think 99% of people feel the same way! Sadly there are some blogs I don't even visit any more because I find the music too annoying. Yes I could mute it... but it's the principle of the thing. And sometimes it's just plain corny!