Tuesday, September 30, 2008

About Artsfest 2008


Artsfest was wonderful, just as it was last year!

"Palmera Del Coco" & Me

I love this show. Now that I've done two other sizable outdoor shows and have something to compare it to, this one might still be my favorite. I also love being in the woods! You have about as much room as you want to spread out all of your things! ...If the weather cooperates of course. And the weather was absolutely perfect, so there were lots of people about.

I should have gotten this nice man's name.
We were talking about CCD and bees,
and he recommended
the book "Robbing the Bees" to me-
which I received in the mail yesterday!

This year they gave us coupons for free cups of coffee in their new Cafe--- Awesome, and the coffee was even good!!! Who ever heard of a GOOD cup of FREE coffee!?

I even sold my original Red-Eyed Tree Frog painting! I'm so excited when I sell an original. For lots of reasons... of course you have to price them higher than just a print. So it's really flattering when someone loves a piece that much, that they want the real-deal.
Also, it's less crap for me to have to carry back home.
And in a way, I feel like it gives me an excuse to paint something new.

I think I can hear thunder outside- so I'ma go ahead and post this, and--- oh looky! I just got the pics from my dad, so I'll add em, then post. He took lots of pics, which was great, because now I have a more accurate booth representation when I submit my Booth Shot for an art show application.

My sweet husband, probably contemplating how the hell
to get out of helping me take everything down
and get it back home

Ok for real. thunder.



Jen said...

Your booth is looking awesome Sam!

SG said...

thanks jen :) i hope to just have a couple small adjustments to make before i have it juuuuuust the way i want!