Friday, September 19, 2008

Not easy being green... part 2

But not impossible, either!!

In part of my efforts to make my artwork/prints more eco friendly, I ordered a big ol' box o' paper from Neenah. I ordered Neenah Environment Paper PC 100 White in 80lb cardstock. I chose this paper because it's acid free and archival, which is important for artwork. 80lb is a nice, heavy weight for prints or cards or original work. The best part? It's also 100% recycled and 100% post consumer recycled fibers, which is really hard to find in acid free/archival quality and in a color other than "natural" or something pigmented. This is very, very white, wonderful paper!

**It's also processed chlorine free, FSC Certified (I know there are mixed viewpoints on that, but with this paper and the other credentials it seems like a good thing), and Green-E Certified. You can read more about the benefits of Neenah Environment Paper here!! **

After the Seawall Art Show, I was surprisingly low on note card/greeting card inventory. I was trying to figure out the best option for both my wallet and the environment, since at the moment I just can't afford to get all of my cards from (although I would like to, eventually). I decided to take my Neenah over to the local Staples and have all of my cards printed on it. Before placing the order, Staples printed one example proof and I loved it- so I have been able to replenish my whole inventory of cards. Seeing as how there aren't any local printers (that I know of) who would be able to print with solar or wind power and soy inks, I think this was the next best option. I was able to print on the best paper I could find (eco-friendly-wise), and have it done quickly and locally- no shipping!- and the cards look great.

Of course, that also meant that I had to cut, score, and fold the cards myself, and I'm still looking around for recycled paper envelopes. But I figure the energy I spent putting all the physical labor into the cards burned some extra calories for me, Yay!, and had to have saved energy from some machine somewhere that would have had to do it otherwise.

Ok... Back to the cutting/scoring/folding now.

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