Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Product I'm So Excited About!

Check it out... Bio Bags!|BIOBAGS

No, these aren't biohazard bags or the bags you use to dispose of sharps. They're clear sleeves for art (or whatever else you want to put into them). What's so damn great about them is that someone finally made use of the biodegradable compostable plastic technology for the bags artists slip over their prints.

I had sought out a more eco-friendly option for enclosing my prints earlier this year, and clear plastic seems to be the only thing that makes sense to use. I researched compostable/ecofriendly plastic sleeves and found some- maybe made by the same company?- but I seem to remember the biggest size being offered was approximately a 5" x 7" bag. Now they offer them big enough to enclose a 16" x 20" piece of art. How perfect is that!?

Thanks, EarthFirst!
They are doing all kinds of great things with ecofriendly plastic films.

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