Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bee store! Bee store!

I've come up with another way that I hope will raise both awareness AND funds for honeybee research,
Check out Cafe Press- Samantha's Bees!

By carrying one of these bags, wearing one of the shirts, or adding a button to an outfit, a person can show many people the simple things that can be done to help the bees.

The profits from these items will be donated to a honeybee related charity- either ,, or Penn State honeybee research (find out more on

There are t-shirts, bags, and buttons currently in the shop. The items feature pictures of bees and a slogan- either "Bee Kind, Bee Green" or "Bee Aware, Bee Kind" and list various ways that everyone can help our dwindling honeybee population:
Buy organic. Don't use pesticides. Eat local honey. Plant native local flowers. Support beekeepers. Have a garden for all seasons....

Yes YOU can do at least one thing from this list! :)

In 2008 I started the Honeybee Helpers team on The team has a blog, BEE sure to check it out!

In my Etsy shop, I donate $10 from the 8x10 prints that I sell to honeybee related charities.

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José said...

Hi Samantha,

I know little about bees but it's a fact that all beings are important.
I'm sure that they play an important role, namely the one of transporting the polen so that other species can develope.
Without them the balance would be in trouble.
I wish you great success with your endeavour.

Take care,