Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do ya, do ya, want my bugs?

Well, I've taken about a week long hiatus from painting- which is sad, since the first painting of grapes really didn't take a long time and I know the second one won't, either. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated when your best areas to paint are right in the middle of your living room (and you have to make a mess of it when it's just been cleaned top to bottom), or your alternative is to paint in a somewhat cramped and dimly-lit office.

However, I did work on a fun project last week... Bug cakelets for my husband's birthday!! Yeah, I know I'm the bug person, but how can anyone not love little bug cakes?

I started with this adorable cake pan from Williams Sonoma (unfortunately I think they no longer sell them, however, you may be able to find one on Ebay or something).I ended up adding green food coloring to some of the batter, figuring that would increase the buggy factor. Cause when you bite into a bug, you would expect it to be green, right? Luckily I spared our guests of any slimy explosions upon biting into the cakes. I could have filled them with vanilla pudding or something, I suppose..... but, ew.

Here are the cakelets awaiting the decorating committee! (That would be me.)

Aaaaannnnd, here they are all decorated! Admittedly they do not look nearly as cute as the bugs in this Williams Sonoma promotional photo for the pan (below), but I also had no idea what time my dear husband would be home that day and didn't want him to end up arriving in the middle of my surprise-cakelet-decorating fun.


katiev said...

omg! they came out great!

Doris Sturm said...

How wonderful! I love them, Samantha! How could we have not talked about them today in our team chat session? I would have bragged about them if I were you - I think you did a wonderful job and I bet hubby was impressed. I am!

SG said...

Thanks katie and doris! Doris I had forgotten about them, they are soooo crunchy and hard now, luckily only 2 are left. I think frosting a cake all the way around helps retain moisture and these would be so difficult to put frosting all around, so they dry out quickly. Next time they should be eaten right away!! When they are made into individual banana breadlettes, they stay nice and soft though :)

MB said...

Wow! Love them!

José said...


Mmmmmm....I dunno....
Is it more safe to eat the bugs or the leafs ?

Kind regards,

José :-)