Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're sick and tired of shades of grey and brown...

Today it was all of 55 degrees outside, and the sun even made an appearance! I went out for a run and noticed one of the first signs of spring:

I wondered a few days ago if any crocus were coming up, but I had no idea where the hell to look for them in the city. Surprise! Here they are!! They are in a random grassy patch near the river.

And my crazy fella here was glad to feel (and smell) the spring air too- I think he hates the cold even more than me, even despite his Husky lineage.

You got the coloring alright, but got gypped on the long fluffy coat, huh?

I tried really hard to get a picture of him smelling the crocus. That's what dogs do, right? They smell EVERYthing. I figured I could just loosen up the leash in the crocus patch, and in no time I'd be well on my way to some great photo opps! Unfortunately, dogs also like to pee on a lot of the things they smell. Not such a sweet spring photo.


Doris Sturm said...

I love Crocus flowers. They remind me of Germany. They don't grow here. I also miss the snowdrops. I'm glad you're seeing some color. It's so precious to see the first splashes appear...it reminds us that the cycle of life is beginning again.

Your doggy looks happy too ;-)

julian said...

I think that usually they are smelling other dogs' pee, not the flowers :) Though it does poetic (until they lift their leg...)