Friday, April 3, 2009

Beyond the Gray Sky..........

It's raining. And nasty. AGAIN.
That means I probably won't get a bike ride today :(

But maybe it's not a bad thing, because if April showers really do bring May flowers, then I say


In the meantime I've had a lot of little (some of them literally, hehe) projects and things I've been trying to get done. And I've been quite productive!

I finally changed my homepage on my website I completely changed the graphic and had a lot of fun creating a color wheel from flowers, and getting some creativity flowing in making leaf-paintbrush graphics. I also re-did my artist's statement and that is now on my homepage as well.

Instead of having my artist's statement on the "About Samantha" page, I changed that text to be more like a bio. I am contemplating a new page for my site, a "green" page where I can link to green products I use and would recommend to other artists with similar interests in making their work more environmentally friendly.

This morning, I finished printing, spraying (with preservative protectant- again, there's that struggle with preserving my art versus making it eco-friendly, *sigh*), and cutting out my first batch of limited edition ACEO prints!

I created these from my Swallowtail Caterpillar painting. Not sure which of my paintings I'll print next, but the caterpillar seemed like the most fun for the first set :)

And this afternoon I created a cute button for the "follow me on Twitter" link, over on the right. It was just text, which is fine, but a button seemed like something I could personalize and make more fun. So, here it is, and click if you feel so inclined (come on... do it!):

Also, it's Friday, April 3rd which means tonight is First Friday!! I'll be at Gallerie 13 this evening to participate in my first one with this gallery. I went to the last one, before my art was in the gallery, and it was fun! Snacks, art, a lot of nice people, and music too.
As the weather gets warmer, check into First Fridays in your area- they are springing up in small towns everywhere and it might be a fun thing to do before or after dinner. Get your snack on and your art on!


LonesomeRoadStudio said...

The flower color wheel on your website is STUNNING!!

SG said...

Thank you! I had a lot of fun creating it :)