Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

Sadly for Earth Day I did not get to do as much outside as I had hoped. It rained a lot of the day, and to top it off, as much as I didn't want to have to drive on Earth Day, it happened to fall on a Wednesday- the one night a week I take my car out for my dog's obedience class. AND it was the last night of my dog's obedience class. I couldn't skip out on his graduation ceremony, especially since he surprised us and passed!

So what do you do when you strive not to drive but have to anyway?
Check out the Greenculator!!

You simply enter in your commute, and then on the next screen click "edit trip" and enter in your make and model of vehicle. Then you're offered the option of buying carbon offsets for your trip!
Pretty neat, huh?

Anyway, before class I did go out to the parking lot next to my building and attempt to remove the trash gathering there. However after being out there for an hour, I hardly made a dent in the trash heap and I was disgusted. I am amazed at how much of the trash consisted of drink bottles. About half were water (what a WASTE!) and the other half were various sodas and sugary so-called 'fruit' drinks. I am almost positive that the people who park in the lot bring their drink with them to the parking lot, finish it before they get into their car, and then just chuck the bottle. There were a lot of the same brand of drink all gathered in one spot... what is that? Was someone trying to see how impressive of a heap they could make!? You'd almost have to think so.

Anyway I'm thinking maybe I should just go out there daily with a couple of bags, one for trash and one for the recycling, and see how long it takes to get it cleaned up. I would love to plant some flowering bushes and plants there for the bees and butterflies, but I'm not sure it would discourage people from turning it into a dump anyway, which just made me sad.


Doris Sturm said...

I am in the process of finding a fishing net with a long handle so that I can start pulling some of that trash out of Lake Irma. There's this area under the bridge littered with empty water bottles, soda cans and styrofoam cups where people fish and like pigs, just throw their garbage in the water...dahhhh....and they're going to eat that fish out of that dirty water? really...I don't get it!

SG said...

Doris isn't it depressing? You would think people who appreciate the lake would want to preserve it. I am amazed at the number of drink bottles. In the nearby river, along a bridge there is a virtual dam forming from trees, branches, other debris- and among the wood are SO many drink containers! My husband and I were amazed when we counted how many there were.