Thursday, May 28, 2009

13th Bug finished! Ants today!

These ants are on their way to a picnic!
Is it your picnic?
I hope not.
If it is, hopefully they are just stopping by to check out your leftovers!

Having fun.
On the run.
In the sun.
The one in front
Looks like he has a mustache
That doesn't even rhyme.

This card was inspired by the swarms of bugs that attack me down by the river when I go walking, biking, jogging- anything. Sometimes it's gnats, sometimes it seems like little mosquitos but thank goodness they don't bite. Today it was just these little teeny black specks that looked like pepper. You could hardly see them, but you could feel them... YUCK!

I thought, I should do some kind of swarm of bugs, but what should I draw? What would be a fun group of bugs to draw? Gnats and no-see-ums aren't very interesting...

So ants, while not in a swarm, crossed my mind as I was jogging along, and I visualized how they're always in little lines- you can put sticks or rocks in their path and they'll just go right over it. A long path of ants sounded like a fun thing to draw...

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Doris Sturm said...

How in the world could I have missed these cute little guys! It wasn't till you asked us to chose and I clicked on your tag cloud (another gadget I'm gonna steal from you) and there they are...awwww, so cute and yet so potent! I have great respect for them...and I stay clear of the fire ants...very cute painting!