Monday, June 8, 2009

Hydrant Hysteria: Weekend #1

I know, I know, I've been horrible about keeping up lately.
I've been getting the bugs done so late at night, and haven't given any updates on the fire hydrant painting!

I painted all day on Saturday, and also some this morning. I reached a point where I had to run out and buy a color, but of course, I couldn't find it anywhere and wasted a whole bunch of time driving around to different stores who said they had what I needed- and guess what? They didn't.

But I did manage to upload a bunch of the pictures to Flickr and added some descriptions! Here's the link to the set:


Anonymous said...

Nice shot. It was worthy the time you spend for the purchase of the colors.
Being in need of something frequently opens the eye to the beauty underfoot. Thank you for the sharing.

Samantha G said...

Thanks Thomas!

There is still one more color I need, and I hope I can find it instead of trying to mix it myself. I need a lot of it, and that paint is MESSY! :)

Doris Sturm said...

Very nice, Samantha, what kind of colors are you using? what type, like oil or acrylic or what? I know it has to be water proof, right?

Are you doing just one fire hydrant? and will it stay that way util it wears off? how long will the paint stay on?

Samantha G said...

Hi Doris!

They are oil based enamels. A huge pain to work with because they don't wash off with soap and water, like acrylics. I am not sure how long they last but I hope it's at least a couple of years! Luckily I am only doing one hydrant- so I will be able to concentrate all of my efforts into making it look the best I can :)

The Burgess Family said...

These hydrants are toooo cool!! love them!