Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Greetings from Hershey's Butterfly House!

Yesterday was not the most fun of afternoons I've had at the butterfly house. 3 casualties on my watch. THREE. I was beyond upset and trying not to let it show, after all they were accidents. Dumb accidents but nevertheless. Since the butterfly house is located in the Children's Garden, it has obvious appeal to most kids. I say most because plenty of children are NOT fond of butterflies at all. But most are. You would think that it might be grabby toddlers who you have to watch out for... but no. It's the photographers.... The adults.

I'm usually standing near the entrance on the inside of the butterfly house so if any butterflies are lying along the bricks (which, to my dismay, seems to be their favorite damn place to be), I can point them out with a word of caution to everyone who enters: "Be careful where you step because the butterflies do like to lay around on the walkway. They blend in easily if you're not looking for them. They're also fast, so while I'm trying to watch for them and let you know if you're near one, sometimes they land too quickly for me to warn people." I also attempt to get the butterflies move off the walkway, but they can be stubborn little things and will fly right back to where they were basking and refuse to land elsewhere...

So I'll point them out to people, sometimes more than once, and even so... you get someone taking photos, or just off in la-la land. They make a beeline for a butterfly who is minding its own business warming itself on the sunny walkway. I'll point out the butterfly to the person and say "Oh.. hey...Watch out..." and not once, not twice, but THREE times yesterday the person was completely oblivious... and, splat. Hellllooooo?? You're the only person within 10 feet of me! Who, exactly, did you think I was talking to when I started walking toward YOU and said "Oh, hey, watch out!"

At the end of the afternoon yesterday, I had a visitor that seemed like he really wanted to come home with me! I let him hang on for about 30 minutes but I finally had to try and get to my car before the heavy rains came... unfortunately I was about 2 minutes too late and had to wait it out for about 40 minutes. Ugh! But I did get a few great pics earlier in the afternoon...

Here we have a White Peacock on a Black Eyed Susan. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to get some good photos of the butterflies' faces. A lot of butterfly pictures are taken from above, with their beautiful wings exposed, or from the side while their wings are folded up behind them. Those are great photos for obvious reasons, but like a lot of bugs, butterflies have quite cute (and silly) faces. You don't get to see them that often, but I think I got a good one of this guy here :)

These two are a Buckeye butterfly. It's too bad the photos don't really do them justice... in the sun, their wings have so many bright colors. There are pinks, purples, blues- but usually in photos, the oranges and browns seem to be all that show up. Those are pretty on their own, but the iridescence is really quite impressive when you can get a good look at it.


Paper Moon Delights said...

Just beautiful! Love butterflies and flowers!! :)

katiev said...

oh noes! so the same guy stepped on three separate butterflies! what a clodhopper!!

some people!

great pics, by the way.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Hi Samantha, I took my daughter to a butterfly house near us in Westford MA "The Butterfly Place"

She assumed the role of butterfly cop, cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled, "Watch out" quite loudly at folks who were about to stomp on a poor little butterfly.

When it was time to leave she worried about their safety...without her around to protect them :)

Thank you for your beautiful art and photography. It makes me smile.

I featured "Bees in Love" on my post "Pisces and The Bee's Knees"

Peace - Rene

Samantha G said...

Nah, katie, it was 3 different people. That almost makes it worse... if it was just one gigantic clutz it would have almost seemed like it couldn't be helped!

Rene- thanks so much for featuring more of my art! I am honored to have it alongside your poetry! I just sold that piece on Friday night... I admit, I will miss it :)

Doris Sturm said...

Great photos, Samantha. His face is the first thing I thought about when I saw your White Peacock amusing is that? Very comical. I might be looking at it all wrong, but from the way I see it, I LOVE It :-)

Too bad about the casualties. It's so difficult to get the attention of the general public when they're out of their element.

Have you got any Blue Morpho Butterflies in there? I saw a movie the other day and looked them up on the Internet and was very intruiged...but they are all very me they're just winged flowers, aren't they?

Thanks for sharing :-)

Samantha G said...

Doris, those don't sound familiar... we have Mexican Blues, and Red-Spotted-Purples (or something like that!) One of the prettiest I've ever seen in photos is the Sunset Moth. I'd love to see one, but do not think I am going to Madagascar any time soon :(
They are moths that look like a rainbow butterfly!