Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another good news surprise!

First of all: No, my car didn't break down in the ghetto.

Last night was the Hydrant Hysteria awards reception. I found out, much to my surprise, that I won first place in the Professional Artists category! I was so shocked, and honored... There are some GREAT hydrants out there in Downtown Harrisburg!

You can see a bunch of them in JasonTromm's photo set on Flickr:

And more great photos on Flickr from Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau:

I look at all these hydrants and still can't believe that mine was picked. This past Saturday night, I had a dream that one of the women who works for the Downtown Improvement District told me that mine had won. By the time I got to the awards reception last night, I had completely talked myself out of it, just because there really were so many great ones and I thought, "I just painted a bunch of bugs and flowers and things that I like..." I had no idea others would be fans of the bugs, too! :)

Thank you so much everyone who voted.


Amanda Dagg said...

Well done! I can see why you were picked because your Hydrant looks so colourful and cheerful.

Doris Sturm said...

Congratulations, Samantha! You are right, all those hydrants are amazing!!!

Your photo is so cute - you are very photogenic! Your hydrant really is very colorful and shows a lot of action - keeps the eye and mind busy for a while. I can see why yours won!

I'm happy for you :-) You're doing well - pretty soon you'll be a household name ;-)

Samantha G said...

Thank you both so much :) August was good to me, after July was done kicking my ass.

IndieCEO / GalleriaLinda said...

Congratulations! What fun!

Knotted Nest said...

Belated Congratulations! Your hydrant is beautiful. I wish my city would do a little more beautification!