Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oyster Festival Fun!

Learn all about the Oyster Festival, the Shucking Contest, and how to shuck an oyster too!!

Also in this clip, at about 1:28 (and a few more times) you can briefly see my poster artwork on the Oyster Festival Program! My art was on TV.... How exciting!!!

A few weeks ago, I found out that I won the poster contest for the festival and I was so flattered and excited! Yesterday I was able to get down to the festival for the first day and sign and sell a bunch of the posters. Since it was about 40 degrees and raining all day, we had a table with the St. Mary's County tourism display inside one of the buildings. Much to my delight, we were in the same building as the National Oyster cook-off! That meant we got to smell and more importantly SAMPLE a bunch of the winning recipes.... A. MAZ. ING. I tried "Beach House Oysters with Sherry Sauce" by Chef Brandon Cahill that was... seriously... like a little bite of heaven.

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Here are the news clips about the show too! Meet the Oyster King! (He's fantastic!)


Doris Sturm said...

How exciting, Samantha! That lady interviewing in that clip sounded like I would have - like, finding any little excuse not to eat that raw oyster (he, he, he)

So, what did you do? paint the entire poster for the event? That is really awesome. I'm so out of the loop with what's going on with you - you are just all over the place...congrats on your success and on your award!

Samantha G said...

Hi Doris!
I did this poster design on the computer last month to enter into the Poster design contest for the oyster festival and it won. They used it on the programs and I also went there on Saturday and signed the posters as they were selling them.

Thank you very much!!

esque said...

How awesome! That is really an accomplishment and it was on tv too! Cool!


Ann said...

This is my first visit to your blog, I love your art work. I'm afraid I missed your poster in the video though.
Not a big fan of oysters but pretty cool seeing how they shuck them

Laney Landry said...

I was going to ask about your paint brush design. Love it. Now for the oysters. Well, let's just say they'd have to be smoked before I could even consider shucking them.

Buggys said...

That's really exciting! Congratulations to you. Very nice poster too.
I live in Pasadena, MD. Quite a ways north of St. Marys.

Samantha G said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words! In the video, my art shows up at about 1:28 on the program laying on the table. And I find oysters deeeeeeelish, almost any way that I can get them. I don't get them quite as often in PA, and that is kind of sad.