Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Bug Week!!

Since I recently did a post about some ways to have a green Christmas, and suggested shopping for handmade items (with the website Etsy being a great place to start)... This week I've decided to showcase some of my favorite shops on Etsy that feature...

The first shop I'm featuring is...
"Mutant Caterpillar!"

The caterpillars are SUPER cute, and are all sewn by hand!

This photograph makes me smile sooooo much!

You can check out the artist's other website here, where most of her projects can be seen:
And her blog here:

Be sure to click the links above, or go here, and check out her shop to find yourself a brand new fuzzy friend!

Enjoy! :)


Doris Sturm said...

OMG, they are sooooo adorable...I actually love caterpillars. They look like they have to work so hard just to propell themselves forward.

What cute, fuzzy little creatures they are ;-)

Have a great weekend, Samantha!

AMIdesigns said...

Those really are lovely!

Samantha G said...

I love them too :)
I think I'll feature the shops for a couple of days since I've only got a handful of shops to showcase. That way everyone gets a couple of days up at the top of the blog page... yay!