Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kleenex Extending Middle Finger toward Earth


Just in time for Earth Day! :)

As if we needed another way to generate useless garbage, Kleenex has now introduced *new* disposable hand-towels!! Yeah, like you see in public restrooms. But for your home! Because I know the closer I can make my home bathroom to a public restroom, the more fulfilled my life will be.

I'm guessing these ads are targeting the germaphobe-paranoid-about-swine-flu-audience. A little late on that one, but whatever. The ad on TV says something along the lines of, "Your hands are only as clean as the towel you use to dry them. Why use the same one over and over?"


Because using a brand new one each and every time is a waste of paper? (And every other resource that went into making it.)
Because using a brand new one each and every time is obviously more expensive?
Because using a brand new one each and every time just feeds into this disgusting mentality of "everything is disposable! let's constantly have all new stuff!!" that most of society is so obsessed with?

From their "Sustainablility Efforts" page... hehehe.
Did You Know?
"Our cartons are fully recyclable with the poly insert attached. They are accepted at recycling facilities across the country."
Gosh, we can recycle their boxes- how very green of them!
....Why not make the boxes FROM recycled materials to begin with?

More on their efforts...

But of course, it's almost always a more ecofriendly choice to reduce, reuse, and recycle- which means to NOT have to use new stuff at all. Encouraging this throw-away culture with a brand new product just seems so wrong.

My apologies that this isn't art related, but it's been a while since I did a Green Post (or today LACK thereof). This got to me today.



Doris Sturm said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you about that! What a waste! If you don't want to dry your hands with an old towel, do like I do, wipe your face with your wet hands and run your fingers through your hair and voila! Good to go!

I'm so fed up with swiffers and kleenex and tissues for this and stupid! I don't buy into all that crap either.

Samantha G said...

Luckily with the swiffer thing, I've seen now they make re-usable microfiber cloths. I don't know if they're Swiffer brand, or not, but you can attach them and then wash them every time- that seems like a good idea, then if your floor is super dirty you can just switch the cloths around if you have more than one and wash them afterward, rather than having a whole bucket of disgusting dirty water that you have to dump out and refill... eewww :)

Mike's Vent Cleaning said...

Yes we must try to reuse recycle and thus save the earth.There is less paper and more trees cut down for that.Let us get practical and save every bit now.