Friday, May 28, 2010

Ford Transit Connect: WANT

My first art show of 2010 hasn't even started yet... But the bitching and moaning about the difficulty of cramming as much stuff into my tiny RX8 as I can, versus the cost of renting something bigger for the weekend, started yesterday.

I keep seeing these on the road and
You can read about it here:

I think it's the mostest adorablest solution to my problems! I've rented station wagons and SUVs before and they just DON'T fit everything. Or, if they do, I can't see out of the vehicle, so I wouldn't exactly call that a solution. Once I rented a Dodge Caravan. That van fit everything and it RULED. I really liked driving it, but it was sooo big and I just can't imagine driving something like that all of the time.
I thought a taller (versus longer, like a van) vehicle would be perfect and from what this article claims, the Ford Transit Connect is just for that. A small commercial-type vehicle with lots of room and minimal crap all over the place. Seriously it's like my DREAM ART SHOW MODE OF TRANSPORTATION.

Maybe some rental car companies will have these available soon...
Maybe I can rent one next time I have to transport my art stuff to a show far from home...
Maybe if I decide to ever take the plunge and try to do this for a living I'll cave and buy one.

But right now I don't sell enough art to justify the cost.... which would mean.....

Good bye RX8.

I'm just not ready for that.

"It's the car I've always wanted, and now I have it. I rule!"
a quote from my favorite scene in American Beauty... Check it out :)

So until the RX8 poops out on me completely, or some dillhole who fails to comprehend that the yield sign coming into downtown Harrisburg does, indeed, apply to him (or her) and finally hits me (cause it happens almost daily), the Transit must wait.

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