Sunday, July 4, 2010

Caterpillars Finally Finished!

Yay! My little Monarch Caterpillar Triptych is finally finished!! I just have to spray them with sealer, but right now my porch is too sunny to do so.
I must wait. 

What's fun about these little guys is that there are a variety of ways to hang them... I originally designed them to be in a vertical configuration, but my husband suggested trying them horizontally and I found they worked that way too.

Or they could be hung separately- the two smaller ones on one wall, the long one on another wall.... however you like!

Horizontal with edges lined up...

 Horizontal & centered...


I kept these guys way, way, WAAYY less detailed than my usual work. I was going for something fun and illustrative rather than realistic. I did try to keep the caterpillars themselves pretty realistic looking though, and because of that I didn't want the plant life around them to distract from them. I also found Milkweed is a pretty challenging flower to paint- there are just so many tiny flowers all clustered together. But after I had two layers of paint on these flowers, I decided I was satisfied with them. If I had put too much detail into them, I think the leaves and stems would have looked unfinished.

I'll be bringing them to the Ned Smith Nature & Arts Festival in a couple weeks. Come check em out in person! :)


Doris Sturm said...

I think they are lovely...I can imagine this hanging in your new house on a green wall...(did you get that e-mail where I told you what color Sandy used?)

Getting ready for bed - more blueberry picking tomorrow ;-) I might even venture into jam making this year and if it turns out good, I can use some for gifts for Christmas!

Samantha G said...

Thanks Doris! I did get that email and responded, I think that may have been one that I got an error saying it didn't go through.

You know... I don't think I've ever had blueberry jam or pie. I feel like I am so sheltered :)

Florida Mom said...

I love these little guys. I think you should illustrate a children's book. Kids need to see beautiful colors like the ones you use. It always makes me happy when I see your bright artwork. My mom is here and she agrees that she loves your color choices.