Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A commission that *did* have a happy ending :)

And now that I know it arrived safely and has been received by the birthday boy, I can post about it. Yay!
(I added the bolts that hold the sign to the post later, hehe)

The painting was commissioned for me to do by the wife of one of my best friends. Route 30 has special significance to him (or as Ruby would say, it's "sensitive," hehe... I just love her). So his wife's idea was to paint the Rt. 30 sign with some local foliage/wildflowers. It was a lot of fun to do this since normally I just focus on ONE foliage or flower in a painting, not a bunch of different kinds. And I learned something interesting in the little bit of scenery included in this piece. I now know why scenery is SUCH popular subject matter for artists:


Bob Ross? Happy little trees? Just start throwing down shapes and light and shade- it's nearly impossible to mess them up. Rolling hills? Curvy shapes, overlap, light, shade, blend, blend, done. It made me want to do more scenery pictures... which is something I always thought would bore me.

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