Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To Wide or Not To Wide??

Format. For this heah blog...
I'm thinking it may be time to go wide.

I got a new computer monitor this year. I have no clue what the resolution is, because honestly I'm too lazy to go check in my settings. It's 16:9 aspect ratio though. So now when I look at my blog on it, I've got alllll this white space on the edges, and it is all just cluttered there somewhere in the middle.

I bet somewhere there's an HTML code where I can set the middle column to scale wider as the viewer's browser windows widens. Easy peasy! No wondering if I change to a wide format for the posting, will it get messed up on monitors with a 4:3 aspect ratio? Because then horizontal scrolling would be involved... and no one wants that.

So what's your monitor's aspect ratio? 4:3 (more square) or 16:9 (more rectangular)?

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Doris Sturm said...

I have no idea, Samantha, I'm not very technical. I only know if it looks good and if I can read it and I can!

Congrats on your new monitor :-) I'm looking into buying a flatscreen TV next month and hook my tower to it so that I can watch my Netflix a little bigger than just 19"

Love ya,