Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh no! Not has a sad....?

After recently watching a bunch of Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes (the disc was in the DVD player and it's the only DVD the movers didn't pack!), I noticed that- similarly to a happy face = instant cute, you can also immediately feel sorry for something if you add a sad little pouty face.

Check out poor Meatwad here:
Awwwwwww.... soooooooooo sad!!!! :(

Poor sad worms! I think they are doing it. I wonder why they're sad. Maybe in worm-time, it's like 4am, and they've just gotten back from the worm bar. They went home together, thinking it would be fun, but each of them knows deep down they could do better than this, and just hooked up with the first worm who paid them any attention because they've been pretty lonely lately... And even though that 35 minutes of drunken flirtation was a bit of an ego-boost, in the long run, this will do nothing for their already low self-esteem.
Poor low-self-esteem-having worms!

Awww poor sad swamp! Just because no one wants to play in you because you stink and are probably full of alligators... well... that algae sure seems to be having a good time! Yay! See? You're a nice home for algae, it's living it up! Don't be so hard on yourself!

Ohhh, poor you, sad mold! Why so sad? Because so many people are allergic to you, and you ruin all the food? That when people see you just sitting there, minding your own business on an orange or perhaps a half-eaten loaf of bread, they get pissed and insist the food has now "gone bad" and JUST THROW YOU AWAY?
Think of all the people you're cured, with your penicillin producing self. 

Aww, look here at the poor Virginia Disclosure Laws! They are sooo sad that our contract was written with not one mention of them whatsoever.
"FINE, don't think about US! Just pretend we don't even exist! ...No one listens to us anymore.   I bet if we made ourselves big hefty heaping line of asbestos fibers RIGHT HERE and snorted it up through a rolled up dollar bill and immediately got cancer and died NO ONE WOULD EVEN NOTICE!! HMPH!"
Little laws.... I promise that if we ever have to make another contract on a house in Virginia, you won't be neglected! We didn't even know about you til 4 days ago!

Is Sad Spaghetti sad because it's going to get eaten? Well, that's what happens to spaghetti.

I can't possibly even imagine why any of these items would be sad! ...They've got front seats to an episode of The Sopranos!



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how bored you must be

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OMG I'm cracking up at all this

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