Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another great item from BuildASign! :)

I received the last of my promotional items in the mail from! It's a fully customized aluminum license plate!

You can go on BuildASign's website and create a fully customized license plate, or personalize one of the many templates they have available. Way cool!

While I can't legally put this on my car and drive around in the state of Virginia (a REAL plate is required on both the front and back of the car here), it's going to be a wonderful item to have with me for people to touch and feel when I'm out promoting the plates. I was squeeing with delight when it arrived in the mail and I pulled it out of the packaging! It's so cool to see it in person, to get a real feel for how it's going to look when I finally get these things passed into legislation, and BuildASign did a great job with the print. The plate is sturdy and feels like if I have to it around to a lot of events, it won't get scratched up in the process; the ink most certainly does not feel like it's going to easily start rubbing off or anything like that.

(Oh, one thing my husband pointed out- he asked why Virginia wasn't centered. That was definitely not Build-A-Sign's fault, that was all me- when I was building the template I just tried to make sure everything that I wanted to fit on the plate was within the bleed area, I didn't even really look at where things were centered. My fault, not theirs!)

I haven't mentioned the plates much since I created their own special website, . Right now the goings-on focus only on the state of Virginia, and I know I have readers from other places :)  But if you're in a state that you think would enjoy showing its love of pollinators via fancy-pants vehicular accessory, by all means let me know. We can research how to get one passed in your state and I'd love to work on another new and unique design!


Doris Sturm said...

This is lovely - Do they all say the same thing? Pollin8? It's perfect!

I've been seeing a lot of bees - I can't believe how many I saw today...

Stacy of KSW said...

Looks like you & I are going to have a lot to talk about! I noticed all the bee & wildlife links on your blog. I'm in the developing stages for a non-profit organization that will hopefully help researchers visualize and solve colony collapse disorder (among other things ...) I hope to host several fundraisers in the future to get things up & running. Bees will be the main theme for these events. I don't know much about them right now, but I so have some pretty specialized skills that I think can help with the issue. Love finding like minded folks like you & Jen :)