Monday, February 25, 2008

Finished the Butterfly Drawing...

I was nervous about how the background was going to come out, but I went for it and I'm happy with it.
It's nice to have another piece I can call done! Now I just need to find a nice frame for it.

The palm tree painting is coming along, slowly but surely. I hate having a painting on the easel for months at a time, so I really would like to finish it soon. Seems like on the weekend I find myself saying "After I clean the kitchen, then I'll sit and relax and paint." or "After I'm done eating lunch, I'll get a chance to sit down and paint." or "After we clean the entire house, do the laundry, put away the filing/bills, sort the mail, frame these two prints, check the weather, sort the recycling... then I'll finally have some time when I can paint. Oh look, it's almost time to start dinner. Guess I'll wait till after we eat, and clean up......."

*Sigh.* Hopefully I will dedicate more time to it, especially seeing as how American Idol is now on for 16 or so hours a week, and only requires listening, not watching, to get the gist of what's going on.

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