Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Drawing!...

Since I'd like to do a little more with local subject matter, I decided to start a drawing yesterday that I had the idea for some time ago. Sadly, the area where I live doesn't much loan itself to tropical subject matter... Although tropical flowers are my favorite subject matter and I strive to share that with people- especially people who may not otherwise get to see such things (or think to look). But I would also like to be able to share things with people that they may see on a daily basis- and give them a chance to see those things in a new light.

So, here we have the Maryland state butterfly (a Baltimore Checkerspot) taking a sip of nectar from the Maryland state flower (a Black-Eyed Susan).

I don't really like it like this against the plain white background. But I'm also really happy with how the flowers and butterfly- the main focuses- look right now and I don't want to add in a background and mess the whole thing up. YUP, I'll admit it: I'm scared.

So I decided to blog instead of working on the background tonight.

I generally think my paintings come out infinitely better than my drawings. But drawings are nice to do once in a while, too. For one thing, colored pencils, paper, and reference photos are so very easy to pack up and carry with you somewhere- on an airplane, outdoors, work (in this case, at the craft store and not my "real job"). I also tend to draw smaller than I paint in most cases- I have a pack of 9" x 12" paper that I use for a lot of my drawings. This means I can finish one much faster than a painting. I can get a drawing done in 8-12 hours most of the time, so it's a good weekend project. I can also easily grab my stuff and sit down at the coffee table in front of the TV, which is sometimes a little easier than hovering over an easel in every position imaginable like I did most of the night on Thursday.

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