Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mmmm, stage 2008. Done.

Crazy that this past Thursday night at about 9:00, I was saying to my husband, "Oh, man! This time tomorrow we'll be all done setting up!" As in, I was looking forward to it- because it's always SO much work and there is just so, so much that goes into it that I end up with a ton of anxiety, worrying that something will go wrong or be forgotten......

Now it's been about 24 hours since we did finish setting up.
Once again, about 10 people and 10 straight hours of work. It is A LONGASS DAY, but well worth it in the end. But my body is still ridiculously sore- especially the fingertip parts (from ripping various types of tape all day, etc.), so I won't write too much- but I'll share pictures of the [nearly] finished product. :)

Ohh look, it looks like the kids are enjoying themselves (wearing the shirts I designed for this year in the opening number)! In this picture, the stage is about 99% done. There is a random chair and a few other things around, but for the most part, this is it. You get the idea.

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