Friday, June 27, 2008

Tentative Calendar

A lot of art shows go on in the summer and fall, huh?

So far this year, I'm doing:

The Portsmouth Seawall Art Show, August 23-24

Artsfest at Annmarie Garden, September 20-21

and have applied to:

Art Fair on the Square, August 31st & September 1st

Neptune Festival Art/Craft show, September 26-28

Art on the Avenue, October 4

I'm still waiting to hear back from the other 3. So, this could prove to be a VERY busy fall... or a very relaxed one :)

I've been making changes and improvements to my booth setup since last year. Before, I wanted to be unique and stand out and all of that good stuff. Then after going to some art shows and seeing what I thought were some really great booths, I realized that there is probably a reason most artists do not have brightly colored booths. Sure, for jewelry and all it's wonderful. But most of the booths with paintings in them looked simple and organized to put all the emphasis on the artwork.... obviously.

I need some kind of a shelf or desk, and just can't bring myself to fork over $250ish for the ProDesk from Pro Panels. It's shelves covered in carpet! Surely I can find something for less that will work just as well!

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