Wednesday, May 20, 2009

INCOMING!!!! #5 in my 30 Bugs in 30 Days ACEO Series: Cicadas!

Tonight I played around with a few different bug options. Cicada... Luna moth.... Hummingbird moth... Honeybees....
(All of these WILL make appearances in my series by the way!).
In the end, the cicadas won.
Coincidentally I was watching American Idol's finale while I created my 5th card in the series. I guess in regards to winning, that makes Kris Allen sort of like a Cicada.

I'm not even sure what made me think of doing a cicada. Maybe because it was so warm today, and summer makes me think of cicadas. (I wonder if I will hear them this year, now that I live in the city??)
Or-- Maybe because a LOT of people don't like cicadas. Which is strange because they're harmless and totally cute! So maybe I wanted to glorify them and bring an underdog into the spotlight.

Just like Kris.


sarasophia said...

Hi! I just found your blog through a comment you left over at Kind Over Matter regarding your decision to breast feed your children...I felt such an instant kinship to your thoughts (having been in the same boat with nursing my four wee ones).

I was hoping we could be blog friends as I feel we have so many of the same interests (being organic connoisseurs and all:). Please stop by my site if you get the chance!

<3 sarasophia

Doris Sturm said...

Love that bug painting because the way that one is flying into the picture and INCOMING is the perfect description. It made me laugh. That bug reminds me like some big, fat chopper!

SG said...

sarasophia, I think there may have been a mix-up... as I don't have any children :)
I did leave a comment on a recent post of yours about camping- I loved the simplicity of the post and the photos. It was a beautifully written post!
We do have other interests in common though, and I would be happy to be blog buddies!! :)

Thanks so much, that silly cicada took a while to compose and I'm still not sure I got all of his proportions right. But he's obviously meant to be sort of goofy so maybe that doesn't matter.

Thank you both for your comments!!


sarasophia said...

So sorry about the confusion. I read a post on Kind Over Matter and I suppose I misunderstood which person she was talking about with all the breastfeeding woman power talk *giggle*.

I love your blog though and am so happy to have inadvertently found you:) I am so glad to have someone new to talk to and your artwork is FANTASTIC.

<3 sarasophia