Tuesday, May 19, 2009

30 Bugs in 30 Days ACEO Series #4

4th in my "30 Bugs in 30 Days" ACEO series!

A dragonfly, suggested by Katie in my previous bug ACEO upload!
Thanks for the suggestion, Katie!

I wasn't quite sure how to color him after creating the composition. I know most dragonflies tend to be shades of green and blue, and they like to hang out by the water. I figured I'd color him in his traditional colors and have him resting on some dried marsh grasses- which are usually shades of tan, but 'tan' isn't exactly in my vocabulary (at least, not most of the time) so I went with bright yellow and orange instead. I thought the complimentary colors would create a more interesting picture.

I definitely welcome any suggestions for bugs as a part of my series. There are millions of bugs from which to choose, so many that it can be overwhelming.


Doris Sturm said...

Awww, Samantha, so far that's my favorite one of your 30-bugs-in-30-days series...I love dragonflies, especially because they are my friends since they eat mosquitoes ;-)

Doris Sturm said...

I have a suggestion, Samantha, do that green moon moth you talked to me about...or what was it called? I thought it was so pretty!

SG said...

Doris you and I are on the same wavelength AGAIN! I was going to do a luna moth for today's bug actually, but I went with a cicada instead. I will definitely be doing a luna moth in this series though! I have a small mental list I'm compiling, but I'll be sure to mention your suggestion when I create him!

It's GREAT to have suggestions as backups for when I get artist's block!

katiev said...

I linked to your blog here!