Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Story of Stuff...

Since a lot of people seem so down in the dumps about the economy, not having enough money, the environment, pollen, the lack of mustaches among the under-30 male population, pollution, not getting their free KFC meal, or whatever else... I wanted to share this little film.
(If you're very busy, you can put it on and just listen to it while you're working and still get something out of it.)

It's called the Story of Stuff:

Some of this might be STUFF you already knew, maybe some you didn't. It's got a little bit of politics in it and if that isn't for you, it's a small part and easy to ignore- I'm not trying to force that on anyone by promoting this. But a large part of this is an undeniable look at how much STUFF we have and how we always seem to need MORE, BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER STUFF.

...No we don't!

Give it a watch, listen, whatever, share it if you like. It may give you a new perspective on shopping and what you really need to spend moneys on, especially if lately money is something that you've been concerned about.


Mustaches are free!!!)

(PPS so are LolCats!)

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Doris Sturm said...

What an excellent find, I'm so glad I watched this movie. We must be on the same waive length tonight because I just got done blogging about the danger of Plastics and over consumption and the Throwaway Lifestyle...amazing! I will share that movie with others and maybe even put it on my blog, it's excellent! What a nice and simple way to explain everything!
Thanks and have a great weekend.