Monday, June 1, 2009

Cute Colorful Snail: Bug #17!

I can't believe I'm already on Bug 17! This series is really flying by (Ha! Bugs! Flying by! ...I kill me)!

Today's bug is a sweet little snail, meandering through the thick weeds of a garden.

But wait.
Are snails really bugs
The answer is....... technically, NO!
They are members of the Mollusks family!

So, similar to the Roly Poly, I've included another bug in this series that isn't really a bug. According to my husband, "it doesn't count!" But since the series is something I'm doing for fun, I'm including little critters that most people commonly perceive as being bugs. Part of the reason this is fun is because I can add them to the series and make it an educational project. I love being able to share information about bugs that others may not have know, such as the agony caused by the red Velvet Ant, and the endearingly peculiar (and totally harmless) Hummingbird Moth.

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Doris Sturm said...

Yes, your series is certainly fun and educational. That little snail is adorable even though she's not a bug...but she's cute ;-)