Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back home.....

Mendenhall Glacier

Normally I would have guessed that I would be sad upon returning home from Alaska, a place I've always wanted to go, and knew I'd fall in love with. In fact, I am ready to plan my next trip to Denali.... But I'm happy to be home!! For one thing, I missed my pets!

Besides missing the pets, Alaska Airlines made coming home a lot easier to look forward to! I want to thank them for the delight of rearranging our travel plans without informing us, which then allowed me the luxury of burning off calories by making me run with my carry-on across 3 different airports end-to-end, sometimes more than once! (with some asthma issues thrown in for good measure), an unplanned flight to and night spent in Chicago, missing a half day of work on Wednesday, eating no actual meals on Tuesday (dinner consisted of 1/3 a bag of Cheezits! YUM!), and conveniently having no customer service desk in Minneapolis.
You silly airline!
I mean I love Cheezits and all, and I have been trying to exercise more, so I'm really thankful that they conveniently removed us from that flight that would have gotten us to Minneapolis, thus connecting to get back home, on schedule.

After a day like that, anyone would be glad to come home from where ever they are.

And now, what I know you've been waiting for.....

A bumblebee on a giant Dandelion.
His fuzzy bee butt was a neat reddish color!

Is this a bee?
It looks like a bee.
He buzzed like a bee.
But I can't find a picture of him anywhere online to confirm what he is. He must be in the bee family, I just want to know what kind he is. I just LOVED his yellow knobby antennae!


AMIdesigns said...

Oh the joy of travel! glad you could see the positive side of such a nightmare. and your pics are amazing!

Doris Sturm said...

Yes, Samantha, never complain about an airline unless you CRASH!!!!

That big ole bee hanging on to a stem is too funny ... look, he actually looks bored just hanging around...he's got a FACE ;-)

I think I'll name him Fred!

Samantha G said...

Thanks AMI :)

Doris isn't he the cutest thing?! He was so adorable I could hardly stand it!

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, what happened to my comment? I said that I never would have thought to call a bug cute, but that one's got personality. I saved him on my computer.