Monday, July 6, 2009

An Etsy shop for flower lovers....

If you're following my blog, my guess is that you like art, and bright colors, and flowers (and other naturey stuff)! Soooo, I want to write a feature on the beautiful accessories found in Etsy shop, "Satin Dolly".
I love her use of bright colored polymer clay (and fully admit to being jealous of her talents, since I would love to be able to create with polymer clay!) and she even has a similar fashion philosophy to mine:
"I think that wearing bright accessories will actually make you feel happy and enjoy life." (from her shop.)

(The yellow rose above is my personal favorite item from her shop, the "Paradise City Ring.")

I asked her a few questions about her craft and her shop.

How long have you been working with polymer clay?
I have been working with Polymer Clay on and off for a few years. A couple of years ago, I made magnets and sold them on ebay, and was so thrilled. But I only did a couple and that was the end of it. Just recently this March, I began using Polymer Clay again. I then started making magnets again and quickly realized that it wasn't working out. So I started making roses. I don't even know how I taught myself how to make them, but I practiced for awhile and tried my best to sell what I thought was pretty.

Is it a difficult medium?
It's not difficult at all. The hard part is using your imagination and creating what you see in your head and on paper, and transferring to the clay. Using the clay is easy to work with. But I always in-vision these extravagant pieces, and yet I make them so simple looking at the end. I personally like simple jewelry, but I have to add some pretty color to my accessories.

How did you learn about polymer clay and what made you decide to try your hand at creating with it?
I learned about polymer clay about 11 years ago. My parents and I had annual passes to Disneyland, and we would take weekly trips just to hang around and get coffee. One time while checking out the shops, I met an artist there that was creating Disney Character sculptures out of polymer clay. Instead of just observing, I studied what he did and asked him tons of questions. He was very kind and answered every one, and then handed me 3 colors of clay and told me to practice at home. I tried, but it wasn't working for me at the time. I should have kept practicing. Now I'm loving every moment of it, and I can't get enough.

Some of SatinDolly's own favorite items:

"Go Green Ring"
Her thoughts about the ring:
"I was really hesitant about using this color on a rose, but I fell in love with it when it was done. I was actually going to create it as a hair clip instead, but my boyfriend suggested a ring and I couldn't have agreed with him more. To me, it just looks amazing. The color, the shimmer, I love it all."

"Ali Rose Pendant"
Her thoughts about the pendant:
"This has to be my favorite color out of all the clay I have. It's so vibrant and beautiful, it only made sense to make a rose out of it."

"Earthy Blue Rose Pendant"
Her thoughts about this pendant:
"This is also one of my favorites. It's such a summery color and almost peaceful. Every time I look at it I want to go to a tropical island and watch the waves on the beach."

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