Sunday, July 5, 2009

Praying Mantis drawing done!

I started this drawing a couple weeks ago in an airport during a layover on our way to Alaska. I worked on it occasionally during the trip, and managed to finish him (her?) today.

Does it look familiar?

When I was creating my "30 Bugs in 30 Days" ACEOs, my husband suggested that I include a Praying Mantis in the series. I liked the idea, so it became the 8th bug.
When I finished the little card, I was happy with the composition and thought it would make a nice full size drawing (full size for my drawings being 9" x 12" or so).

I'm going to display this guy at my feature artist show in August (I'll post more about that later). He's going into a 16" x 20" frame (which I'm painting green with some leftover paint from the Hydrant project) and will be double matted in white with a green inner mat.

A little about the original idea behind this...
When I began sketching out the Mantis ACEO, I knew I would have to somehow compensate for the fact that most people do NOT like these bugs! (I personally think they're very cool.) They're BIG, they have alien faces, and the way they walk is... kind of creepy I suppose. I decided the way to make the Mantis card a little more acceptable to the general public* was to add in some pretty flowers. No hearts or rainbows or glitter, the flowers seemed sufficient. I chose hydrangeas since I thought the blue hue would accompany the green Mantis nicely.

* Not that "being accepted by the general public" is what art is about, but one of the main reasons that I like drawing bugs is to bring attention to their beauty. This mantis is no exception, and the last thing I want is to have people take one look at the fact that "GROSS IT'S A PRAYING MANTIS OMG!!! EEEEEWWWW!!!!!" and 5-alarm-freak-out about it.


Doris Sturm said...

Lovely roses! When I was young I always enjoyed working with modeling clay and still think it would be fun, but I hate starting something else when there is all this yarn sitting around that needs to be used up ;-)

Doris Sturm said...

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