Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Weird Al!

Today is a very special day...
The birthday of Weird Al!!
(I wonder if he's sick of people calling him up and playing him his own Birthday anthem?)

Weird Al is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. I've loved him since I was a kid, and thought he was a total complete genius for making a career out of writing funny songs and hilarious song parodies. Changing the lyrics of songs has always been a favorite past time of mine, too.... if I had the equipment, I'd probably be releasing my own parodies to the world wide internets. Sometimes I think maybe I missed my true calling. Oh well!

Not only is Weird Al hysterical (and laughter is the best medicine!), but he's a great role model.
Here are some things we can all learn from the wonderful Weird Al Yankovic:

1. Don't take yourself too seriously!
....Check out the "White & Nerdy" video... bwahahhahaa!
2. Don't grow out of potty humor.
.....Listen carefully to the background noises in "Another One Rides the Bus"
3. Embrace silliness.
.....and when isn't a fat suit funny? Check out "FAT!"
4. Be yourself! can "Dare To Be Stupid!!"
5. Adapt, but also
6. find a way to do what you truly enjoy.
....In other words, make sure you do "Whatever You Like"!
7. Try to maintain good relationships.
... which means sometimes you might have to apologize for something, even if everything was just a big misunderstanding.
8. Don't forget to LAUGH!

Happy Birthday, Al! It's your 50th, I hope you have a great one!


Anonymous said...

Something else to learn from Weird Al: sometimes the nice guy really does finish first. If you look at Al's long career, the same people stay with him for years, beginning with his band (he's still touring and recording with the same guys who were with him in 1983) and his manager (Jay Levey has been with him since he got him his first recording contract). And then there's the way he treats his fans... there's a reason we follow him from concert to concert, besides the great entertainment value. Every star says he loves his fans. Al really does. He knows lots and lots of us by name, and he's never less than gracious. He deserves every bit of success and happiness that have come his way. And I wish him many more years of both on his birthday. ~OE

Chiara said...

I can't believe he's 50!

Doris Sturm said...

I had forgotten about that video "Fat" - I had seen it years ago, but it's even funnier today...thanks for the memories :-)

Love ya,

Samantha G said...

Anonymous, I've never met him, but I have always gotten the distinct impression he is probably THE nicest guy, ever. It's nice to hear that affirmed by someone who knows him. I need to make it to one of his shows, I can't believe I never have. One day! Thanks for the great words about a great guy.

Doris, I'm glad you enjoyed the video. All of his videos are so funny, but for many years "Fat" was my favorite!