Monday, January 25, 2010

Let the games begin!

I'll be seeing you Memorial Day weekend at the Patriot News' Artfest in Harrisburg!! :)

I'll be sure to bring my new Sunflowers painting, and hopefully get some new bug drawings done in time as well!


Doris Sturm said...

Samantha!!!! How are you? I finally made it to the library! I finally mailed Frizzy to you a week ago - did you get him? I'm sorry, I wanted to give you more, but I'm so strapped and every dollar goes to the stray cats. We are getting more and more and I'm almost to the point of giving up. Boots still needs a home. My heart aches for him, but I can't have him. I already have my quota and Gizzy still - and always will - hates cats.
I will try to go to the library more often. Both my e-mail and my Etsy shop are on Vacation mode because I don't need the pressure of running here every day. I have had some health issues this year and I hope after my DNC I can stop running to the OBGYN for a while.

I think about you all the time. I hung your picture in an open place in my dining room/office so that I can see it all the time and from every angle ;-)

Love you and miss cathing up!
Doris, Gizzy, Middi and Bootsie!

Doris Sturm said...

p.s. I broke down and got Internet access at home again, only for a lot less (and much slower) connection. I can at least keep in touch with my friends and check my e-mails and do some blogging. I won't be on here very much because it's slow and I can't be on here as much as I did before. I need to get things done in my life.

Just wanted to say hello and you can reach me on my blog, on Etsy and also via e-mail.

Hope Frizzy made it by now.

Doris, Gizzy, Middi

p.s. I posted some photos on my blog of my furbabies with their Christmas presents from a nice lady who paints bugs ;-)