Friday, February 12, 2010


Here's what's been on my easel the last couple of months! I've taken some time away from it to get the Christmas artwork/gifts done, and have also been spending a lot of time on my triathlon training. But I do hope to finish this one very soon and finally remove it from my easel!

I'm debating on putting a small lady bug on one of the leaves on the left-most side of the canvas. What do you think? On one hand I think it would be quite cute and visually pleasing. But I also know not everyone likes bugs.... but everyone likes ladybugs, right? Decisions, decisions!

I've done a slightly different technique with this piece, once again trying not to hide my brushstrokes like I used to do- just trying to be happier with keeping things simpler. I'm working to blend more efficiently (meaning, without having to do each coat 10 times) and I think that seems to be going well. I've also been keeping track of how many hours I've spent on this piece and so far it's only about 12. Go figure! A painting has been on my easel for 2 months (or more) and only worked on 12 hours. That is SAD. I need to really spend more time painting. Even just an hour here and there makes so much progress!

Keeping track of my hours like this will help me to figure out what's taking the most time, and when I'm done, should facilitate in pricing the art since I have such a hard time with that. Plus trying to spend less time on things will also mean lower prices on these paintings, too. I kept this one so simple, yet it still has taken me longer than I would like to complete.


Doris Sturm said...

It takes soooo long for pictures to load now with this slow internet service. I've been here minutes, reading your blog and the sunflower picture still is only 1/2 loaded. What will you put in the center of the flower (where it's still white?) I think a honey bee should be on one sunflower for sure and a lady bug on the other one's leaf to balance it out to show some life in the picture. I like activity....maybe even a butterfly, but that would probably be too much, but I would really love to see a honey bee on there since they love sunflowers.

Did you see the pictures of Gizzy and Middi with their snacks/toys from you? Middi looks so cute holding her snail ;-) Thanks so much. They both enjoyed their gifts. Bootsie loves the snacks too, since Middi isn't eating them fast enough, Bootsie's helping her ;-)

If Frizzy doesn't arrive soon, I'll package up another one and mail her when the weather's cleared up. It started to snow here tonight and the whole neighborhood's in an uproar. My neighbor is shouting and yippeeing as if she won the lotterie. She's on the phone calling everyone she knows. Apparently the last time it snowed was about 12 years ago. I took some photos, but will keep an eye on the outside and maybe get some better shots in the morning because it's dark and with the flash it doesn't show up too well. I'm posting it now on my blog, but that will take some time.


Doris Sturm said...

I'm at the library now and got to see the whole picture of your BEAUTIFUL sunflowers. I really love them, Samantha...all this picture needs is a honey bee on the center of one of them.

I feel like I didn't do enough for Boots - I should have made him stay inside that night. If only Gizzy weren't such a stinker. He really hates cats! I don't know why Bootsie's death is upsetting me so much; I wonder if there's some underlying reason for me being this sensitive over it. I felt like I had a deep connection with that cat - maybe even on a psychic level (but that sounds really stupid, doesn't it?)

Samantha G said...

Doesn't sound stupid to me, Doris... Hopefully you got my emails & comment about your post. I cried and cried too and I didn't even know him. It's an incredibly sad way to go. If he had been found and it was old age or something peaceful, maybe you'd feel much differently- I know I would. The way he went... it's something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy's pet. If I had to think of the worst way for an animal to go, I think that would be it.

I kept reading your email going "That's not right, this story is too horrific, there's no way someone I know had something this awful happen to an animal close to them." It's like something shocking from a book or movie, not real life :(