Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here Today, Gone.... Later Today

A day or two ago I listed this Bees & Cherries (decoupaged with a print of my "Busy, Busy Bees" painting) in my Etsy shop.

I found out this morning that it was featured in this adorable Treasury:

And then found out later today I sold it! :)

My Etsy shop is currently still very empty as the things with which I'm filling it take a loooong time to make. Part of that is simply due to drying times combined with my own multi-tasking; Part of that is due to my own inexperience with this type of thing and still learning, and of course only listing an item in my shop when it is absolutely 100% perfect... or as perfect as I'm capable of making an upcycled item. I hope as I learn more and more about working with certain materials, I can get items listed a little faster and complete more of them, because creating these little gifts is a blast!

It's super fun to take trips to thrift shops and find just the right little items that are well crafted, but just need a little makeover. You never find the exact same item twice, so no two will ever be alike. Maybe a defect on the wood somewhere becomes something you have to paint over, which is a new and unique challenge. I could easily go to a craft shop and buy boatloads of wooden or even paper boxes to paint and decoupage, but where's the fun in that? Plus the whole point of finding a used item is not consuming new resources... which adds in another element of challenge and craftiness and uniqueness!  :)

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Pink Saguaro said...

That is gorgeous! No wonder it sold!!! :)