Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Edition of: What's That Plant?

These things are growing wild up here in PA and blooming like crazy. AND they smell amazing, a sweet and almost citrusy smell. Obviously it's some native plant, and thus if they will grow in VA (which I would assume they will), I'd love to have some in my native pollinator garden.

(And of course... I'm thinking about doing a painting from one of these photos I took.)

So..... What is it??

Prickly seed pod :)


Patty Hankins said...

It's Jimsonweed - datura stramonium

If you do grow it in a garden - be sure to keep any pets away from it. The leaves and flowers of the jimsonweed are poisonous.

I've got some photos of jimsonweed at

Samantha G said...

Yay! I figured if I didn't get a response from anyone soon, I'd just come to you directly and show you a picture and ask.

Your photos are great! I just love all of your work.

Thanks for the tip about gardens- my husband said "Whatever that thing is, I bet it's poisonous." How he knew that I'm not sure- maybe just a lucky guess :)

Jessica said...

Well, I don't know nuthin' 'bout VA flora, but we have something similar out here in SD, called wild cucumber, or Manroot. (I think I sent you pics of it before.) The flowers we have aren't nearly that big, though.

My folks have some growing in the yard. Not by design, of course. It's just there. It grows from a tuber root, deep down in the ground, which can grow to the size of a friggin' boulder.

I love wild cucumber. So pretty.

Doris Sturm said...

What beautiful blossoms! I think they would be great for painting! At first glance they looked to me like partially opened Morning Glories, but then I read they are Jimsonweed, which I have never heard of.
Have a great weekend, Samantha.