Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back Online, for real!

Got our interwebz hooked up today in VA and let me tell you.... it is slooowwww. Harrisburg had some nice DSL for sure. The one phone outlet in this house that works is in a weird place- some random little cubbie in the wall back in the pantry!? So we're getting a wireless modem and in the meantime I'm using our old one that works, sometimes, sitting by the edge of the pantry.


Artsfest was this past weekend, and what a beautiful weekend it was! Such a gorgeous weekend to be outside and I gave my booth a makeover with some tropical looking blinds, but haven't yet found the cable to hook my phone up to the computer to show the pictures I took.

Still working on decorating the house. I'm realizing that in order to feel inspired in the office/studio, I'm going to have to make it aesthetically pleasing. There's just no way around it. I don't want that to mean "I have to go buy all new fancy stuff! PRETTY ROOOOOOOOMMM NOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!", I plan to make use of what I have and buy as little as possible. Partly because I am broke, but of course also to not be wasteful and keep things as eco-friendly as I can!

I have a lot of random furniture in there right now. The giant Epson is on a TV stand and my particle board desk that I've had since I was 11 is sort of falling apart, but maybe some screws or nails will hold it together for a while longer. I've got a lot of other random sized shelves all over the place too, for various printers/paper/art supplies.

So I'm looking for some inspiration. What can you show me? Do you have any favorite blogs where I can see some craft-room inspiration? Or maybe there's a photo-set on Flickr that I have yet to find? Do you have a link to your own craft room you can show me? Leave a comment.... I'd love to see and get some ideas :)


Foges said...

welcome back to civilization.

Daniel said...

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Samantha G said...

Thanks Daniel, always interested in green technology. Kind of random in relation to this post but whatever.

Anyone else got some inspirational office/studio photos?

Jason I definitely plan to make a trip to Ikea once I figure out what, if anything, I still need :)

Doris Sturm said...

Hello Samantha - good to hear from you again. I've been thinking of you. You've been so busy lately with the move and the training and the remodeling - good thing you're doing all this while you're still young and strong ;-)

Can't give you any art room decoration ideas, sorry...I'm just doing the best I can with the little space available to me. I basically made my bedroom the hobby lobby since I don't sleep in my bed anymore and spend most of my day in the dining room, which is not for dining, but my computer and my crochet stuff - this way I can do both...I'm sure you'll figure something out that will work best for you.

Have a lovely weekend! Happy Autum!
Gizzy and I are going back down to Lake Irma to watch the Harvest moon tonight!