Thursday, September 16, 2010

Iiiiiii've been PAINTING!!!

BUT not art. I've been painting our new house! I got to go pick out colors last week and let me tell you... after we closed on the house last Thursday evening, before going to sleep that night, my husband said to me, "Why don't you go to Home Depot tomorrow and pick out some colors of paint that you like?"
Do you really think a girl like me could sleep after a comment like that!? NOOOOOO!!! I felt like a tiny child on Christmas Eve.

And so it began. The busy-ness and sleepless nights.

Of course I didn't sleep. I got up the next morning all giddy and stopped at a Home Goods for the helluvit, found some ridiculously cute and colorful cannisters for our boring white kitchen, then grabbed a coffee and headed to THE DEPOT!

Our main room is a dark teal and so is the hallway, so pretty much every color I picked was going to not have to clash with it since it's everywhere. I ended up picking out all pastels since the rooms are small and I wanted to brighten them up. I picked out 10-15 swatches, hung various ones in different rooms, and when my husband came home we finalized our selections. I picked out a limey-green for the office/art studio. That's the only room I wanted to make nice and bright :) My friends and family were shocked at my color choices... since my art is SO bright, they expected bright colors. The office will be bright, but it's still a very light limey green. My husband found it hard to believe that wouldn't look terrible with the teal, since the office will be at the end of the hall and the first thing you see back there when you look up the stairs. But I assured him that lime and teal totally go together (and almost picked those as our wedding colors since he loves green) and after I held up the swatch next to the white trim and teal wall, he was a believer!

So what did I pick? These are all Behr paints, but it's late and I'm too lazy to go find pictures/swatches online and post them.
Master: Honey Moth
Office/Art Room (what my husband has now deemed "The Bug Room"): Honeydew
Guestroom: Light Mint (it looks more blue than green though)
Dining area: Cheerful Hue (a light yellow).

The guestroom and master bedroom are done (after me, my mom, AND my husband all pulled an all-nighter on Monday night- we were just TOO FULL of paint-induced-energy!!! Maybe Behr adds caffiene into their paint?!), and I took some before pics. Once we get things unpacked and set up, I'll post them along with the after pictures :)


Doris Sturm said...

I guess I shoulda read this post first - dahhh....I always wanted a house with every room a different color - that is fantastic...every room a new experience for the eyes...yet all of them blend nicely. I think you did a great job and I would have been very excited too.

The most outragous thing I ever did is paint my kitchen canary yellow, because I was so fed up with white that I over compensated when picking the color and after a while it really did hurt (he, he, he) but the good ting about paint is that you can do it over....

I'm glad you're having fun!

Love you,
D & G :-)

Karen Martin Sampson said...

I am always fascinated with how others decorate their abodes so can't wait to see these pics! Sounds awesome! Have fun!