Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh no! I forgot my bread!!

I haven't posted about Tacos Y Burritos in a while, so like I recently did for my Tosh, here's a post for him since I have a silly story about him to share.

Tacos Y Burritos in Harrisburg!!

Today I was making a PBJ and used up the last 2 slices of bread. When this happens, we give Tacos the end (butt) of the bread as a treat. I'm not sure how "treaty" it is to him but we figure it has to be healthier than most other dogs treats out there (which, yes, he does get-- we are not totally mean!!) :)

I gave one of the ends to him but he wasn't very interested. I finished making my sandwich and thought he might like to go outside for a bit. So I asked him to speak (we're trying to teach him "speak" to be let outside... hoping that one day he'll figure out if he NEEDS to go out, when he speaks, we'll come open the door for him!), he did, I opened the door. He went out, immediately did a 180, and just stood there at the door looking back inside.

That's pretty odd since he's not like a cat who will waffle all day between in or out. He's pretty decisive about it!

I told him to come on back in and he did. I closed the door since it is cold outside today. But he seemed so excited to be outside, so I thought maybe he was just confused.
I asked him to sit, he did, I said "good boy" and patted him on the head.
I asked him to speak and he smacked his lips at me.
I asked him one more time, and this time he spoke- making one of his little whiney howly husky noises.
Once again, I opened the door- this time he whirled around and grabbed that sad looking bread butt and sprinted outside with it!!

Hahaha! So the first time he had forgotten the bread, realized it immediately, and wanted to come back in and get it. Then took it outside WITH A PURPOSE.

Dogs are so weird!

"Who you callin' weird!?!?"



Doris Sturm said...

Yes, they are and that's what makes them so endearing... I didn't know you nicknamed him Tacos...Gizzy won't eat bread, unless I'm giving it to the birds and then he'll force himself to eat some just to spite the birds, because he's too selfish to share LOL \

I know, he's weird too, but that's why I love him even more!

Samantha G said...

I just call him Tacos Y Burritos online ;)

He isn't crazy about the bread indoors (unless he's REALLY hungry), and maybe that's why he was excited to take it outside? To show the other animals, "Hey!! Look what I got! And you aren't having ANY of it! It's mine, MINE!"

Cats and dogs are both weird at times, but dogs are more silly-weird. They all have such personalities!